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UL Listed NFPA 496 Type Y & Z Electrical Enclosure Purging and Purge Units America's Best UL Listed NFPA 496 Type Y & Z Electrical Enclosure Purging & Pressurization Systems
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Type Y & Z NFPA 496 Enclosure Purge Units

Type Y & Z
Purge Units

Product Operation

America's Best NFPA 496 Type Y & Z Enclosure Purging Units

Operation is easy, but essential steps must be performed!

Best Purging Systems Type Y and Z Purging Units are easy to operate, with only one adjustment to set a safe pressure on your protected enclosure, followed by a fast purging process to remove any potential concentrations of flamable gases or vapors from the protected enclosure. However, the sequence and performance of critical procedures is essential to ensure your protected enclosure is protected in complete accordance with NPFP 496 requirements.

Regardless of which model you select, the following procedure is required, prior to start-up. First, it is essential to ensure that all unrated electrical equipment within the protected enclosure is deenrgized, that the protective gas supply is on, that the unit's filter regulator is set to prescribed pressure set point, and that the alarm system (if utilized) is activated. In addition, it is also essential to test the required purge vent for proper operation.

Start-up is initiated by closing and sealing protected enclosure. Next, the enclosure pressure control valve must be adjusted to set a “Safe” reading on the enclosure pressure gauge. The unit's fast purge control valve must then be engagned to purge the enclosure of any potential concentrations of flammable gases or vapors, unless the surrounding area and enclosure compartment are tested prior to start-up and known to be free of any such concentrations.

If testing is not performed, the fast purge control valve must be engaged to purge the protected enclosure for the required time marked on unit's start up instructions nameplate or for 5 minutes, minimum. Afterwards, it is essential to confirm the protected enclosure's “Safe” pressure is stable before energizing power to the unrated electrical equipment within the protected enclosure. Loss of “Safe” pressure requires immediate attention. De-energized power if “Safe” pressure cannot be restored within a reasonable amount of time.

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